HOURS: Open everyday (excluding some holidays) at 11am. Summer Hours starting May Long Weekend and ending September Long Weekend: Sun to Thurs, 11am - 11pm / Fri & Sat, 11am - 12am. We encourage reservations be made either on our website or by calling us directly.

Winnipeg Catering Restaurant – the Beachcomber

Place your order by email at: george@thebeachcomber.ca
or call me direct at 204.981.6838
Prices are subject to change without notice. Subject to applicable PST & GST


Deluxe Cheese Platter & Biscuits A dazzling arry of select cheeses, which include Havarti, Canadian Cheddar, Camembert, Baby Edam & Baby Gouda, Crackers and fruit centers included. Arranged on a gamished tray serves approximately 25 guests. $100.00

Fresh Fruit Platter An assortment of in seasonal ruits. Beautifully arranged on a garnished tray. Serves Approximately 25 guest.  $65.00

Premium Deli Meat Platter Assorted premium deli meats. All beef salami, Manitoba koubassa, Montreal smoked meat, roast, chicken, with olives and pickles, Serves approx, 25 guests. $85.00

Fresh Vegetable Platter Fresh garden vegetables with a garden ranch dipping sauce, Serves approximately 25. $65.00

Corporate Sandwich Platter City Bread Famous Rye, French Bread & Pumpernickel, bread hand cut and stacked with black forest ham, montreal smoked meat, roast chicken, smoked salmon & cream cheese. Serves approx 25 guest 25 pcs 1/4 pcs. $80.00

Open Face Canapes Our assortment includes shrimp, smoked salmon & cream cheese, red and black lump fish caviar, and deviled ham, egg salad, tuna salad. Serves approximately 20 guest 40 pcs. $80.00

Fance Finger Sandwiches Fancy rolled finger sandwiches (48 pieces). Assortment includes tuna salad, cream, cheese and cherry, egg salad, shaved ham, shaved chicken, ham and relish, and corned beef serves approximately 20 guests 80 pcs. $80.00

East Coast Seafood Platter East Coast seafood at it’s best, fresh oysters, scallops, prawns and PEI lobster claws & knuckles with a Seafood Dipping Sauce, Serves approximately 20 guests. $175.00

Shrimp Tower Platter Jumbo Prawns poached in brine, lemon, spices and displayed with a brandied shrimp cocktail dipping sauce serves approximately 30 guests. $150.00

Hefty Ciabata Sandwiches Beautifully arranged on a garnished tray. Assortment includes corned beef, egg salad, shaved ham, tuna salad & shaved chicken, serves approx. 20 guests. $80.00

Croissant Sandwich Platter On buttery croissants, egg sada, smoked salmon and cream cheese, tuna salad, shrimp sald, Serves approximately 15 guests.  $75.00

Wraps Platter Our colorful tortilla shells will be a great hit. Black Forest Ham & Cheese, Roast Chicken, Salad, Montreal Smoked Meat & Roast Beef. Serves approx. 20 guests. $75.00

* Please alert your server of any food allergies, as not all ingredients may be listed on the menu A 15% gratuity will be added on groups of ten or more.